This Foolproof Betting Robot Makes An Automatic Income For You In Your Sleep

And You Can Have The Strategy For FREE!​

Dear Soon-To-Be Winner,

How would you like to load a specially developed betting robot onto your computer that places Betfair trades for you completely automatically, day in, day out, relentlessly pile-driving money into your Betfair account?

And It Never Gets Tired,

It Never Gets Bored,

It Never Stops… Ever.

There’s nothing for you to do except load my special file into the robot, turn it on and let it make money for you while you go and play golf, or sit on the beach, or have a snooze, or go shopping with the money it’s made for you.

Sound good?

Well, it is good. It’s very good. It won’t win every single day, but the losing days are rare and the robot will make sure you always make a profit overall.

The average daily profits are around £50 based on £10 bets; so one day you might win £80, another day you might win £110 and then the next you might lose £25, but over the weeks your average profit mounts up and it’s all done completely automatically while you get on with whatever you like to do.

So who am I and why am I giving you this automatic betting strategy for free?

My name is Paul Bent.

I’m 58 and have over 44 years of betting experience. I have traded at betting exchange shops, I have run betting masterclasses and I trade every day using automated betting software.

Have I been successful?

Well I’ve had all my betting accounts closed or restricted over the years as the bookies decided I was bad for business. Thankfully the introduction of betting exchanges such as Betfair meant I could continue to profit from betting without the risk of getting shut down. It also meant I could use specifically designed betting software to give me an edge over the ordinary punters, virtually guaranteeing regular, consistent profits. In fact, some of software I use allows me to make an income from Betfair without even being there.

I decided to supplement my income by hosting Betting Masterclasses. I figured if the bookies weren’t going to take my business, I may as well teach others how to fleece them instead. As I did this I noticed something that really surprised me. Hardly anyone that came on my courses had heard of, or used, betting bots. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, as this is precisely how the professional Betfair traders make their living so they wouldn’t want their secrets known by the masses.

So what actually is a Betting ‘Bot’?

It’s a software program that has either been written as a bespoke standalone application, or a commercially available application that can be adjusted to bet for you according to whatever criteria you wish. They run on your PC and link directly to your Betfair account. They monitor the Betfair market and place bets automatically for you without you even having to be there.

Often these programs are very cheap to run too, costing from just a few pounds a month, easily covered by your profits.

As I had been using these bots for years I just assumed most serious punters did too. It turns out nearly everyone that came on my masterclasses either weren’t using them at all, or certainly weren’t using them to their full potential.

You see, with betting bots, the profits you make depend entirely on how you use them. They are robots that simply do what you tell them to do, so if you don’t give them the correct instructions, they won’t give you the correct results. To make money with betting bots you need to input the right instructions, the right strategies and here’s the thing… I’ve got 56 of them!

There are plenty of bots available on the market, but they don’t come with the instructions to turn them into automatic cash machines, churning out money twenty four hours a day.

And this is where I come in!

My manual, ‘Win At Betting’ covers everything you need to know about making profits with betting bots. The book takes you through the different types of bots available, covering ones that simply place bets whilst you are at work or otherwise away from your computer, to more sophisticated ones that can place multiple, complex trades into the market.

The majority of the book is dedicated to step by step guides on 56 individual strategies professionals use to deliver regular profits. These systems allow you to deploy complex betting strategies in ways that would be virtually impossible if you were trying to do it manually – and all completely automatically.

If you’ve got any experience with Betfair, you might have found it difficult to make a consistent profit. You may have bought systems or subscribed to services that promised the earth, but mysteriously hit a losing run as soon as you started following it.

Sound familiar?

But if you are losing money on Betfair, someone else is winning it. Betfair take their commission, but the majority of your losses are going to someone else, and I think you know why they are winning… It’s because they are clued up professionals using bots with strategies that work! And often they’re not even there while they’re winning your money… they’re sat in a swanky bar spending your money while you’re sat at home scratching your head wondering why you keep losing money.

Isn’t it time you stopped being the mug punter and started being the professional?

Here are just two examples:

A strategy which allows you to back a horse to win but if it looks like its about to lose, you automatically get your stake back! 

And here’s a strategy in which you lay a horse to lose but if it goes on to win you still make a profit!


Your Free Strategy

So now you understand what betting bots are I want to give you one of my strategies free of charge. It’s called ‘Variant 6’. I’ll give you full instructions for setting it up and then all you need to do is load in a special file I’ve created, decide how much you want to win and turn it on.

You don’t have to do anything after that. You just leave the robot to work for you while you go and get on with your day. If you work, you can set it running before you go, then come home at the end of the day to see how much money it has made for you. It’ll be a different amount each day, but it’ll be every day, and all while you’re not even there.

So how much is this going to cost?

First of all, it’s important for you to know that there is absolutely nothing else like this available anywhere else. The professionals need mug punters to lose so they can take their money, so they prefer to keep these trading secrets to themselves.

If you did nothing else but use the free ‘Variant 6’ strategy you could make back the cost of my manual in less than a week.

‘Variant 6’ is currently netting around £350 a week, so I’ve decided to charge a one off fee of £297 for everything. Remember, you get 56 individual, proven strategies, just like ‘Variant 6’ to turn your computer into a 24 hour a day cash machine.

Load the free file I’m going to send you with the manual, turn it on and you WILL make money.

I’m here to help!

If you have any problems whatsoever I’m only an e-mail away. It’s very simple to do but if there’s anything you’re unsure about, just send me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you (please allow 24 hours).

It’s time to change the way you bet forever, and I look forward to helping you to do it.

Kind Regards

Paul Bent

Click below to place your order. You will be able to download the free ‘Variant 6’ strategy and the ‘Win At Betting’ manual immediately after checkout.

Please Note: You can only view this manual on a Windows operating system. This will not open on a Mac.

"Here is a system that does work and was able to cover my original investment within a couple of weeks and continued to make good profits since, now that is value for money"
Chris Meadows
“Absolutely over the moon to have 3 successful bets. You have been so positive, honest and encouraging each time I’ve got in touch – I realise how amazing this is and am very grateful!"
Winny Avery
“Just a quick note to say a big thank you. Today’s win has now totally recovered my investment. It can only be profit from here!”
Malik Azam
“Your instructions were so easy to follow that even I managed to follow then & I am in my 80th year. Thank you again for a great Christmas present.”
Peter Wilde
“Hello Paul, I’d like to let you know that the ‘Variant 6’ does work just fine for me. I still can’t believe my eyes. I started last week with a 2 pound stake and it fetched me almost 100 quid for the week. Last Monday I made it 5 pounds and on Monday I made 83 and yesterday it was 85 pounds! It feels like a dream. I would hate to be woken up. If I could consistently make even half this amount it would mean a big difference for me. I’m working as a telephone interpreter for 7.5 pounds an hour 6 days a week and it’s so stressful it’s killing me. Yours was the first system I’ve paid for that really works and I was very close to rejecting it. Thank you very, very much.”
“I have only just got home after a long and very hot day (one shouldn’t complain) and so this is a very brief courtesy note just to thank you so much for taking such trouble to answer my query. Your attitude and dedication to your newbie members demonstrates what a thorough professional you obviously are. The guide to betting bots has made me realise what the pro’s have quietly been up to behind to scenes.”
Tom Phipps
“The bot manual is genius, and definitely food for thought. Some strategies I would never have considered in a million months of Sundays.”
Mike McBirnie
“WOW what a fantastic read! Since receiving the book last Thursday I have read it three times and still am finding new angles!”
Gary Wood